Our Company

Benons LLC , a Limited Liability Company was organized in the State of Maryland in October 2007 by Dr. Leroy Benons and Shaune Burgess-Benons, for the purpose of providing Medical transportation services to the general public in the State of Maryland and the surrounding states. The organization has three core competencies. Transportation, Administrative Support and Supplying Medical components. The organization progressed during the formative years and successfully delivered a solid business model that was embraced by individuals, major insurance companies and local government entities.


The company was founded in October 2007, starting with two (2) vehicles in its’ fleet.  We have successfully grown into one of the premier transportation companies in the DC-metro area with a fleet of 14 vehicles, capable of providing non-emergency transportation for ambulatory, wheel chair and stretcher (gurney) clients.


We have a proven track record of providing first class service to our clients, which is evident by the high number of repeat clients and referrals from past clients. Falcon Transport has worked with various nursing and rehabilitation centers as well as private and public agencies as a transportation provider for many years. We are considered as experts at working under high stress and high volume situations and have designed our business practices to stre=amline processes, reduce costs, consistently deliver high-quality service, continuously looking at ways to improve the efficiency of our service delivery process and increase both client and client/patient satisfaction.



Special Features of our business are:


  • A comprehensive combination of services uniquely suited to the needs of the local community.


  • A recognized industy leader known for poviding high quality, cost effective transportation services.


  • Experience in partnering with extremely high quality professional services and technology firms to ensure unparalled accountability and system redundancy.


  • Excellent knowledge of the DC-metro area community, having been in service for over 8 years


  • Being consistently recognized as one of the most efficient providers of non-emergency transportation in the area.


  • Being instrumental to the re-development and evolution of highly efficient transportation services.


  • Having extensive experience working with Health Care and Non-health care Organizations.


  • Having quality and value as the cornerstones of our service delivery philosophy.


  • Consistently delivering exceptionally hi“on‐time performance” and “trip completion” rates.


  • Consistently delivering low “grievace rates"


  • Consistently producing exceptionally high passenger and client satisfaction ratings.


 Benons LLC is licensed by;


  • The State of Maryland (Public Service Commission For-Hire )

  • District of Columbia (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission )

  • U.S. Department of Transportation (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration USDOT No. 2532570).


Phone: 240 595 0960
Fax:      301 577  1679
email:  contact@benons.com